Some Basics About Blu-Ray Technology

Blu-Ray is the newest wave in movie viewing technology. All discs operate using laser light as most people know. A standard DVD disc reads and writes its data using red light at 650 nanometers and a CD uses the same type of light at 780 nanometers. For their time, CDs and DVDs were a fantastic way to compress large amounts of information into a small, easy to use package.

Blu-Ray does basically the same thing, but on steroids. It uses the much shorter wavelength of blue laser light (hence its name) to store even more data on a disc. How much more can it store? Blu-Ray effectively quintuples the amount of information that can be stored on a disc from 5 GB to 25 GB: an amazing and significant difference.

A Blu-Ray disc has an additional feature of being able to have a dual layer which is, in essence, two discs in one. This type of storage capability means that a single disc can play up to 8 hours of high definition video of any kind; and hold on to your hats, because the technology is continuing to be developed and the aim is to increase the storage capacity even further.

This technology is not limited to movie viewing, although that is a popular medium for it, of course. People can use Blu-Ray to store information in their computers and it is already being used in gaming systems. Like any other novelty, its cost is still prohibitive for most folks but that will no doubt change over time.

Remember when everyone went from VHS to DVD? People had to make the decision about whether they wanted to replace their entire movie collections or not. A suitable compromise was to buy a new unit that could play both video tapes and DVDs. Similarly, if you want to buy into Blu-Ray technology for your movie viewing, make sure you get a unit that can play both Blu-Ray discs as well as your DVDs.

There are plug-ins available for sale that enable you to play Blu-Ray movie discs on your home computer, allowing you to enjoy the technology and try it out without having to make the commitment to purchase a unit for television viewing. You can even record your camcorder images onto a Blu-Ray and customize them however you'd like. It's a great and practical way to take advantage of this amazing new technology at home.


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